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What is paint correction?

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

We often are asked by customers: "What is paint correction?" Well I would like to take a moment and explain what paint correction is for all of my Wake Forest and Raleigh North Carolina customers.

As a graduate of NC State's chemical engineering program (Go Pack!), I know I can get caught up in the details and bore many. So first of all I would like to answer that question on a macro level. Paint correction is merely fixing imperfections in the paint. Paint imperfections cause the paint to not look its best. Examples of paint imperfections are light scratches, swirl marks and more. Oops there I go. You may be wondering "What is a swirl mark?" A swirl mark is what you see when the sun hits your car's paint and you see what appears to be circular scratches. See the picture below:

The swirl marks in the above picture are from repeated washes at an automatic car wash in Wake Forest NC. Paint correction can eliminate these swirl marks.

You might be wondering why detailers are always talking about paint correction? Well, especially when it comes to applying a ceramic coating (a long term paint protection, far better than wax), there is a necessary amount of paint correction that needs to be done first. Paint correction smoothes out the surface of the paint, preparing the paint for the ceramic coating to bond properly. So paint correction not only makes your vehicle look fantastic, but it also ensures the ceramic coating lasts a very long time.

Depending on the severity of the paint imperfections and your budget, our paint correction specialist will deliver the highest level of perfections within the realm of possibility through either paint enhancement, a one step or two step paint correction process. I will save explaining more of these types of paint correction processes in another blog.

If you have any questions regarding paint correction and you are in the Wake Forest or Raleigh, NC area, then give me a call and I would love to chat with you! Call anytime!

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