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Paint Correction

A critical step to ensure the paint looks its best before applying a ceramic coating.

Paint correction is commonly referred to as cut and buff or compounding and polishing the paint to eliminate paint defects such as swirls, bird etchings, water spots and isolated surface scratches. It can also diminish or mask deeper scratches such as RIDS (random isolated deep scratch). 

Depending on how much clear coat is present and on the severity of the defects will determine whether or not a one stage or two stage paint correction can be performed. A two stage paint correction costs more than a one stage because the technician has to go around the car twice instead of once with the polisher.

Your Just Like New Auto Detail paint correction specialist will discuss with you what your goals are for defect removal as well as your budget to determine if a one stage or two stage paint correction will provide the results you're looking for.

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